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Sony Digital Photo Frames: A Comprehensive Review Of Features

Sony Digital Photo Frames: There comes a time in every home when printing photos become a tiresome chore. People print pictures for a very simple reason – to stop hiding and stocking away photos on the PC.

But printing photos can cost money and time, and while patience is a virtue, sometimes you just need to find a better way to do things. Enter the Sony digital photo frames.

A digital photo frame allows families to have a convenient way of displaying photos at home. The good thing about it is that it changes the photos in determined time intervals so that the frame becomes like a virtual album always open for everybody to see, including house guests or even visiting family.

Sony digital frames

Sony digital frame: key features

The Sony digital photo frame is one of the leading digital frames out in the market today. Thanks to Sony’s extensive expertise on audiovisual technology it has the capability to produce a digital photo frame that produces crisp images with amazing clarity, saturation, and brightness. Your photo will never lack the luster it needs when seen thru the digital frame.

What are the key features of the Sony photo frames?

  • The frame is in 4:3 – the photo frame has the ideal size to display photos regardless of the photo’s orientation. The 4:3 format fits right into most photo dimensions allowing it to be displayed in full size without the need for the appearance of black borders on the side as the frame adjusts to varying photo sizes. This gives the photo a more authentic look.
  • Amazing resolution – Sony digital frames have 800 x 600 pixels resolution allowing it to provide very good image quality. The 8-inch LED display can accurately render colors and present the right contrast and brightness that should make each photo pop out, even providing a clearer look than a real photo frame. This adds to the appeal of a digital frame – no need to have a lot of frames to show numerous photos, just run a slideshow, and you are good to go!
  • Remote controlled – the Sony digital photo frame is remote controlled allowing you to tweak on your time settings and transition effects from afar. You can also manually control the pace of the photo change, a feature that allows you to narrate a story to friends and family as you share your latest adventures from abroad. The remote control also allows you to change some image settings that should make the photo more suited to the available lighting of the room.
  • Multiple input options – with a Sony photo frame there is no need to worry about storing lots of photos. You can either plug in a USB flash drive, an SD memory card, or a memory stick DUO to get the photos ready for a slideshow. This is a great option if you are hosting a party or a little reunion with some friends. You can easily source photos of your friends and your exploits together, save those photos a flash drive, and get the photos rolling. This can make the photo frame a conversation piece. If you want to have a more permanent source of photos that you want the frame to loop endlessly, then you can transfer your favorite photos in the frame’s internal memory.
  • Multiple slides show delays – you can change photos every 3 seconds or once every 24 hours. This is how flexible a Sony digital photo frame You can easily flash random photos thru the day or take it slow and remember an event or person each and every day. There are also ten different slideshow options to enhance the transitions of the photos. There is also a button to randomize photos making for an interesting mix of photos thru the day.
  • Easy to use – the Sony digital photo frame is very easy to use. There are minimal buttons, but these are well chosen so that you can access functions easily without going deep into the menu. This is very ideal for people who are not good in tinkering with gadgets.
  • Cropping capability – the digital frame from Sony can easily crop photos for better photo experience. If the photo is too big or if you want to put special emphasis on some specific parts of a photo you can easily crop it and get the sizing right fast and easy.
  • Clock and calendar settings – with the digital photo frame you are not only displaying photos but have the option to display a clock or calendar. There are numerous clock and calendar options while integrating it with your current slide show settings.Sony Digital Photo Frame

Pros and Cons

The Sony digital photo frame has some advantages and disadvantages of course. Here are some of them:


  1. It is well priced – the Sony digital photo frame does not have the best features in the market but what it does have is a reasonable price. The right amount of features, ease of use, affordability is a potent combination.
  2. It has a nice simple design – the frame has a very minimalistic design. Clean lines, well-thought-of stand, and a nice lighted logo that can be turned off if you want the frame to stand out, not the brand.


  1. Limited screen size – the photo frame only has an 8-inch display. While its graphics is impressive and the image quality is beyond question, the small size limits its viewing offering.
  2. Limited storage space – the amount of pictures you can store internally in the frame is a bit limited making it necessary for you to support it with external memory. But this downside can easily be addressed thanks to the many input options for the frame.


The Sony digital photo frames is a great way to move away from printed photos to physically displaying digital photos with zero fuss. The affordable price and the right features make this photo frame a no brainer choice. You do not have to access digital photos from your PC when, and only you feel nostalgic. Now you can have a frame that gets you rooted to your memories every day.

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